instance method Hash#each

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Hash#each(iterator[, context]) → Hash
  • iterator (Function) – A function that expects each item in the Hash as the first argument and a numerical index as the second.
  • context (Object) – The scope in which to call iterator. Determines what this means inside iterator.

Iterates over the name/value pairs in the hash.

This is actually just the #each method from the mixed-in Enumerable module. It is documented here to describe the structure of the elements passed to the iterator and the order of iteration.

The iterator's first argument (the "item") is an object with two properties:

  • key: the key name as a String
  • value: the corresponding value (which may be undefined)

The order of iteration is implementation-dependent, as it relies on the order of the native loop. Although most modern implementations exhibit ordered behavior, this is not standardized and may not always be the case, and so cannot be relied upon.

var h = $H({version: 1.6, author: 'The Core Team'});
 h.each(function(pair) {
  alert(pair.key + ' = "' + pair.value + '"');
// Alerts 'version = "1.6"' and 'author = "The Core Team"'
// -or-
// Alerts 'author = "The Core Team"' and 'version = "1.6"'