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Extensions to DOM elements, plus other utilities for DOM traversal and modification.

Prototype's DOM extensions represent a large portion of where you'll spend your time. Prototype adds many convenience methods to elements returned by the $ function. For instance, you can write


to get the element with the ID of comments, add a class name to it, and show it (if it was previously hidden).

In other words, Prototype adds "instance" methods to DOM nodes. This is made possible by direct extension of the backing DOM objects (in browsers that support it) and by manual extension of individual nodes (in browsers that do not).



  • document

    Prototype extends the built-in document object with several convenience methods related to events.

  • Form

    Utilities for dealing with forms in the DOM.

  • Abstract


  • Element

  • Event

    The namespace for Prototype's event system.

  • Selector

    A class that queries the document for elements that match a given CSS selector.