instance method Enumerable#zip

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Enumerable#zip(sequence...[, iterator = Prototype.K]) → Array
  • sequence (Object) – A sequence to zip with this enumerable (there can be several of these if desired).
  • iterator (Function) – Optional function to use to transform the tuples once generated; this is always the last argument provided.

Zips together (think of the zipper on a pair of trousers) 2+ sequences, returning a new array of tuples. Each tuple is an array containing one value per original sequence. Tuples can be transformed to something else by applying the optional iterator on them.

If supplied, iterator is called with each tuple as its only argument and should return the value to use in place of that tuple.

var firstNames = ['Jane', 'Nitin', 'Guy'];
var lastNames  = ['Doe',  'Patel', 'Forcier'];
var ages       = [23,     41,      17];;
// -> [['Jane', 'Doe'], ['Nitin', 'Patel'], ['Guy', 'Forcier']], ages);
// -> [['Jane', 'Doe', 23], ['Nitin', 'Patel', 41], ['Guy', 'Forcier', 17]], ages, function(tuple) {
  return tuple[0] + ' ' + tuple[1] + ' is ' + tuple[2];
// -> ['Jane Doe is 23', 'Nitin Patel is 41', 'Guy Forcier is 17']