Like clockwork — assuming you own a horrible clock — the newest bugfix release of Prototype is out.

Because it’s a bugfix release, there are no earth-shattering changes, but here are the main ones:

  • We updated to the latest version of Sizzle for better performance and to fix a few issues we’ve seen in the wild.
  • We fixed an issue in recent versions of IE where an internal capability check was inadvertently triggering a “This page uses Java” dialog.
  • We fixed a number of small issues in DOM- and layout-related methods.

For further details, you can look at all the commits since 1.7.1.

Since we tagged 1.7.2 last week, we’ve landed a bunch of bug fixes that will go into the next bugfix release. Also, note that we’ve moved our issue tracker off of Lighthouse and into GitHub — thanks to Jason Westbrook for helping to move tickets over to the new system.

Thanks to everyone who contributed bug fixes and documentation rewrites, thereby making this release possible!

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