Prototype Core is happy to announce the first Prototype Developer Day! The Prototype Developer Day is going to be a recurring event bringing together Prototype Core members and users from the Prototype community to share experiences, offer insight into what’s coming up, and discuss topics like contribution, support, and the Prototype ecosystem. If you’re big on Prototype, you cannot miss this!

This fall, the Prototype Developer Day is being held in conjunction with “The Ajax Experience”:, held in Boston from Monday, September 29 to Wednesday, October 1 2008. The Prototype Developer Day itself will happen on Monday.

Admission to the Developer Day is free. If you’re interested in attending the full three days of The Ajax Experience, you can save $100 with the code @Prototype@. Register before August 22nd and save an additional $100.

The provisional agenda for this Prototype Developer Day is as follows (more details coming up on the “full agenda”:

table(#pddAgenda). |.Start time|.End time|.Session|.Speaker| |8:00am|8:30am|Intro/Welcome|Prototype Core| |8:30am|9:30am|Contributing docs|Christophe Porteneuve| |9:30am|9:45am|\2.Break| |9:45am|9:50am|Greeting|Framework Summit Sponsor| |9:50am|10:30am|Contributing code|Andrew Dupont| |10:30am|11:15am|The Prototype ecosystem|TBD| |11:15am|11:30am|\2.Break| |11:30am|1:00pm|Extended Q&A|Prototype Core|

You will get a chance to hook up with members of Prototype Core and “close core”, and we all look forward to meeting you guys. Here’s the current rundown:

  • Sam Stephenson (to be confirmed)
  • Andrew Dupont (confirmed)
  • Juriy “kangax” Zaytsev (confirmed)
  • Mislav Marohnić (to be confirmed)
  • Tobie Langel (to be confirmed)
  • Christophe Porteneuve (confirmed)

For more information on coming with a group, contact “Tracey West” You can view the “agenda”: for The Ajax Experience, and then proceed to one or both of the following:

  • Want to register for PDD? You must use our special “quick form”: Registering for TAE doesn’t automatically sign you up for PDD, and the number of seats is pretty limited. (But, hey, there’s a free lunch!)
  • “Register for The Ajax Experience”: