Prototype 1.5.1_rc3 is out!

Here's what's new:

Bug fixes

  • Element.addMethods now again adds the methods to Element. [#7888]
  • Form.request also works with forms containing an input element with name="action". [#8063]
  • Safari no longer crashes on String#stripScripts and extractScripts with large <script>.
  • Form.disable works again on non-form elements. [#6887]
  • String#endsWith now always returns the correct value. [#7822]
  • Ajax responses with no Content-type header are no longer evaluated. [#7827]
  • Hash#toQueryString again serializes undefined values to ensure consitency with String#toQueryParams. [#7806]
  • Various fixes of the $$() utility. [#7873], [#7901]


  • Ajax.Requests now supports per-request onCreate callbacks. [#8011]
  • JSON strings are automatically stripped of their security delimiters (if present) before eval. More details on this security issue here (PDF document). [#7910]
  • all toJSON methods now generate YAML-loadable JSON. [#7883]
  • Event.element now returns an extended element. [#7870]
  • Linefeed normalisation is now prevented in IE on String#escapeHTML and String#unescapeHTML for consistency with other browsers.
  • Added a new Element.childElements method (shorter alias of Element.immediateDescendants).
  • Added a new Element.firstDescendant method (same as using Element.down with no arguments).


  • Faster $$() utility and Element.getElemementsBySelector method. [#7873], [#7901]
  • Optimized, Element.down, Element.up and Element.previous DOM methods. [#7848]
  • Speed improvements of String#escapeHTML and String#unescapeHTML in IE and Safari.

You can also view the full changelog.

If all goes well, this will be the last release candidate before 1.5.1 final, so we're counting on your zealous testing and bug reporting.

Download Prototype 1.5.1_rc3.