In the spirit of our Who's Using Prototype section, we'd like to add a new section to this site featuring a sample of the best built-with-Prototype third-party libraries available out there.

As we want to make this useful for Prototype users, rewarding for library developers and maintainable (seriously, how frustrating is it to read the description of a lib and find out that the link to it is broken), we'll keep the number of displayed libraries to a reasonable amount. So there will be some selection.

We're looking for libraries that:

  • work seamlessly with Prototype 1.5,
  • are cross-browser,
  • are well-maintained,
  • are beautifully crafted,
  • meet a real need, and
  • are distributed under the MIT license (or similar).

juicy extras (really not required, just highly appreciated):

If you think that you meet these requirements, we'd love to hear about you! All you need to do is fill this form.

We're really excited to see what you have cooking.


Totally unrelated to the above, but too cool not to be mentioned:

Keep it coming!